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Water purifier water filter types
2017-02-17 09:48:08

1, PP filter water purifier: the single cylinder built of PP filter water purifier, generally low prices, but the filter is easy to plug, need to be replaced, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only a preliminary filter for water.

2, activated carbon filter: eliminate different color and odor in water, but can not remove the bacteria and other harmful substances, sediment, rust removal is very poor.

3, reverse osmosis pure water machine: a useful and complete removal of harmful substances, the output is pure water. Need pressurized power, low water use (water and more water less, generally around 50% of waste water). Purification costs are high, traffic is small, only solve the water problem.

4, water softener: general use of recycled water, sodium resin exchange calcium and magnesium ions, since only soften and reduce the role of water hardness, can not clean, the water can not remove harmful contaminants.

5, the barrel water purifier: mounted on the barrel in the water dispenser water purifier, commonly used activated carbon, ceramic, mineralized ball filter material, filter accuracy is not high, is completely retained the filtration, cleaning inconvenience, easy to form secondary pollution, water is small, but targeted to solve water problems.

6, UF Water Purifier: You can effectively remove sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules and other harmful substances, and retain beneficial minerals trace elements. Filter long life, large volume of water, without power, pressure, clean, low cost, high utilization of water, suitable for heavy domestic water purification.

7, mixed media filters: depending on the features of filter material, using a combination of multiple technologies to achieve a wide range of water treatment, comprehensive and effective removal of various harmful substances. The use of ultrafiltration for the core components, combined with high-performance KDF, not only can effectively remove water in the sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules, etc., but also through KDF, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in water, removal of heavy metals, so that the filtered water safer and more healthy; water usage up to 95% or more, producing a large amount of water can be easily purified water to meet the needs of the family kitchen.

◎ from the filter structure is divided, largely on the two ways water purifier

One is the complete retention of filtration, this structure is an intake, an outlet, a timely interception can not be discharged down the dirt, easy to plug, likely to cause secondary pollution, life is short.

The other is flush with the mouth, an intake, a purified water outlet at the bottom there is a mouth rinse, can achieve the automatic flush water purifier, to prevent blockage, attenuation, to prevent secondary pollution, life is also more long.

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