Bag filter housing

The 17 years manufacturer BONA WATER COMPANY offer you high quality but


good price quality bag filter housings.


Advantages of BONA Water's bag filter housings


1.Good quality,All filter housings tested before delivery----No leakage


2.Good price,Save your money of 30% ----The factory price


3.Large Quantity exported each month-----With capacity of mass production


4.OEM and Custom-made are accepted,Bona factory are yours


5.Quality warranty Certificate :ASME,CE and ISO9001-2008.


Technical description of Stainless steel Bag Filter Housings


Multi-Round Liquid Bag Filter Housings effectively remove dirt,pipe scale,and other contaminants from process liquids.Quality construction and design assure clean effluent and protection for all down stream equipment.


Stainless steel Bag Filter Housings Operation


Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the filter bags or strainer baskets,fills the interior of the housing and continues through the bag or strainer basket.Solids are trapped inside the filter bags or strainers and easily removed when the housing is serviced.Our standard O-ring seal between the baskets and the housing ensures a positive seal to prevent bypass.


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