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Brush stainless steel filter
2017-02-17 09:50:31

Stainless steel brush filter types include: automatic brush-type stainless steel filter, Stainless steel hand brush filter. Its main role is to rid the water of suspended solids and reduce the water concentration of suspended matter, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, water purification, reducing the system of dirt, bacteria and algae, rust, water purification and so on. Stainless steel brush filter pictures
 Brush stainless steel filter with patented technology, the internal mechanical structure, to achieve a true sense of the high-pressure backwash function, can be easily and thoroughly clean the filter retention of impurities, cleaning no dead ends, flux without attenuation, the filter efficiency and long-term protection of life. Brush stainless steel filter and strain through its own search capabilities, automatic backwash, the water quality can deal with unstable fluctuations, without human intervention. Brush stainless steel filter backwash process, each (group) in order to filter backwash operation; ensure that filters are safe, efficient cleaning, while other filters are not affected and continue to filter. Stainless steel brush used automatic filter drain valve, backwash short duration, backwash water consumption, green economy. Less wearing parts, no consumables, low cost operation and maintenance, operation and management simple.

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