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How to find a good but high quality RO membrane housing?
2016-12-05 15:18:12

1.     The material,SS316L is better than SS304,so if there are high demand of RO membrane housing,then SS316L is a good choice.

2.     Look the thickness of the vessel,often we can’t find the difference between two RO membrane housings from the appearance,but the thickness is differenet,the price will be also different,obvious the thickness is bigger,the life will be longer,and not easy leakage.

3.     Check the surface,if which is polihed like a mirror,and there are no obvious welding line,it is produced with good craft.BONA Water RO membrane housings with high quality and the surface is polished well and you can’t find the welding line from the appearance.

4.     Choosing the manufacturer,if you need large quantity demand,choose a good factory will reduct much of your cost.

So BONA Water company will be a good choice,with more than 17 years experience in water treatment of RO membrane housing,Stainless steel bag filter housing,micro filter hosings,all of the products was tested before shipping,and BONA Water products have exported to more than 200 countries in the world.The price is competitive and acceptable.


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