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Concerns About Mount Pleasant Drinking Water Shift After Pesticide Tests Come Back Clean
2017-07-25 14:42:23

After worries of pesticides being in the town's drinking water were seemingly put to rest, some Mount Pleasant residents took the opportunity to voice new concerns at Monday night's Mount Pleasant Waterworks meeting.

Earlier in July, Mount Pleasant Waterworks, DHEC and the Charleston Water System tested various samples of the drinking water supplied to Mount Pleasant residents. Of the 19 pesticides they tested for, none were detected.

The samples were collected from water treatment plants, feeding stations channeling water into Mount Pleasant from Charleston, and several homes and business in Mount Pleasant -- including homes where owners' water tested positive for pesticides with at-home test kits.

The testing of water all stemmed from concerns voiced in the community about what seemed to some was an unusually high number of cancer diagnoses, including several instances of children living near each other developing the same rare brain tumors. DHEC has since said it's latest data shows no evidence of a "cancer cluster." 

Still, concerns about water safety are what brought Amy McCearragher to the meeting. Monday. The two-and-a-half year breast cancer survivor said she's often wondered about what's in the water she and her family drink daily.

"As a mom and a cancer survivor, when a doctor writes a prescription, I can read the P.I., I can see the side effects. When it comes to the water, we don't know what's in it," McCearragher said.

McCearragher said that her focus has now shifted to other perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) that have reportedly been found in drinking water, for which MPW and other agencies are not required to test.

"Tonight I think they focused on the pesticides, which is one thing we asked them to look into. So I feel like Mount Pleasant has done a great job with looking into pesticides."

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Mount Pleasant Waterworks said that they gotten a number of concerns through the use of Facebook and other social media apps, but only 10 views on their website. They remind customers that all information is posted on their website.

Clay Duffie, General Manager for Mount Pleasant Waterworks, said it's imperative the lines of communication between the water company and customers stay open. 

"You get a feel for their true concerns and what they really want us to try and provide for them," Duffie said after Monday's meeting.

DHEC officials said Monday they plan to host a meeting with residents in the coming weeks. No date, time, or location has been set.

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